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To enroll please contact:   Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union, Bongabandhu National Stadium, 1st Floor, Room # 16, Gate # 3, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh.

Cell: 01711648631

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History of Bangladesh Rugby

“Rugby” is such a game what is 100% perfect for Bangladesh. Because, this game can be played in all weather in every surface of Bangladesh. Either in rain, neither in cold or summer – it is fit for play in every climate. Grip Rugby Ball by hands and keep fast running straight front (some times make dodges if opponent players try to stop you or make any obstacles) this is “Rugby”. No need here any special technique in foots like Football or technique in wrists like Cricket or Hockey. Famous and renowned Sports Personality Mr. Mousum Ali has first started Rugby game in Bangladesh in the year 2006 – got born “Bangladesh Rugby Association” by the sprite of “We can do better but TOGETHER”. This “Sports-Lover” is current General Secretary of Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union and the Founder of “Rugby” in Bangladesh. After that, 1st Rugby Tournament displayed on 16th February 2007 in historic and popular ground/field “Polton Moidan” at Dhaka where Victoria Sporting Club, Azad Boys Club, Arambag Sporting Club and Meriners Young Club participated. This Tournament was “Mile-Stone” of Bangladesh Sports Arena.

Thousands of spectators enjoyed this tournament very attentively fast to last and supported this attractive and amazing game. All electronic and print medias covered throughout the tournament on their TV channels and news papers that time.

In the year 2012 Bangladesh government approved this Association and gave approval as Federation Union. From then, this Federation Union became affiliated of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh Government and registered name turned in to “Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union” from Bangladesh Rugby Association.

In the year 2015 Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union has gotten affiliation of Bangladesh Olympic Association and membership of Asian Rugby Federation and Bangladesh National Rugby Teams started participating with “Asian Rugby Tournament” has been organizing in abroad time to time. By this time, Bangladesh Nation Rugby Teams has gotten glorious victories against National Rugby Teams of Indonesia, Brunei, Laos, Syria and Nepal.

After that, from June 2021 Rugby game included in the curriculum of “Bangladesh Education Board”. Students of all Schools and Madrash will play” Rugby” now with enthusiasm from all over the country.

More than just a game

Rugby owes much of its appeal to the fact that it is played both to the letter and within the spirit of the laws.