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Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union a member of Asian Rugby Federation

We can do better but TOGETHER
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About us

We representing Bangladesh in the International Rugby Arena

Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union has started their journey in the year 2006 . This Federation Union is a member of Asian Rugby Federation by the slogan of  “We can do better but TOGETHER”  and underway to become member of  World Rugby Federation. This Federation has been started representing Bangladesh in international rugby arena by this time . Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union has spread out this game in every corners of  Bangladesh within these short period of 17 years.

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Rugby game has become very popular now in Bangladesh.  Many Schools, Government Organizations and Privates Clubs made Rugby Boys, Girls, Men’s and Women’s Teams by the supports and supervisions of  Bangladesh Rugby Federation Union.

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Rugby owes much of its appeal to the fact that it is played both to the letter and within the spirit of the laws.